Soap Roses

Unlike real flowers, soaps are available in all seasons, which makes them a beautiful and desirable gift. Soapy flowers last a long time and are extremely beautiful. The beautiful and bright colors combined with the rich floral aroma make them indispensable in home decoration and a desirable gift.

Each flower is a unique work of art, which is a stunning symbol of lasting friendship, beauty and love. Soap flowers will never fade and stop emitting the scent of fresh flowers. Suitable for parties, stage, wedding, bedroom and other decorations, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

- Do not wet the soap flower

- Do not expose to direct sunlight

Gold Heart soap rose arrangement Gold Heart soap rose arrangement

Gold Heart soap rose arrangement

This heart-shaped arrangement of 13 soap roses comes in a luxurious box and makes an exceptional gift for a loved one. She speaks of herself with love and tenderness.Extremely durable, they will decor.....

BGN 75.00
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