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Магазин за цветя 313.bg
Магазин за цветя 313.bg
гр. Варна, ул. Тролейна 6
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What you need to know about arranging flowers in the garden?

Arranging flowers in the garden is a real art. This is a complex process that cannot be compared to growing them in pots. You need a lot of patience and time to select the right flowers and match them, learn their characteristics and climatic preferences. And last but not least - to plan the space and create a garden with a wonderful design, bringing freshness and energy.

Top 12 whimsical and rare plants from around the world that attract attention with their inconventional appearance

Undoubtedly #nature is the greatest artist and never ceases to amaze us daily with his charming creations! Today we have prepared an interesting #stitium "Top 12 bizarre and #rare plants from around the world that attract attention with their #inconventional appearance"!

How are soap roses made?

Imagination, grace and a lot of beauty. We at Elegant Flowers are ready to show you a world where you no longer have to conform to stereotypes. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect flowers. Flowers that will never fade and enchant the senses with their unique fragrance.