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Mondial box Mondial box

Mondial box

Send and serve our Mondial box. Stylishly arranged 21 white Mondial roses, fill with their beauty and elegance stylish black box. Express your feelings, send your messages or just give an irresistible.....

BGN 156.00
Аранжировка Pink Flowers Аранжировка Pink Flowers

Аранжировка Pink Flowers

 Нежна аранжировка от рози, еустоми, хризантема и алстромерии в розови и бели цветове. Прекрасни и свежи, те ще озарят деня ви.Аранжировката е изработена върху пиафлора, която осигурява дълготрай.....

BGN 65.00
Аранжировка Bella Аранжировка Bella

Аранжировка Bella

 В нашата аранжировка Bella са се прегърнали внушителна синя хортензия, лилиум и нежен божур, допълнени с бели еустоми и цвят на роза и нестандартна зеленина. Аранжировката е изработена върху пиа.....

BGN 65.00
Flowers for You Box Flowers for You Box

Flowers for You Box

A simple way to send happiness to a loved one. Red and spray roses with a delicate alstromeria and sweet temptation, arranged in a stylish hanging box, which will create real magic… The arrangement is.....

BGN 65.00
Burning Love Box Burning Love Box

Burning Love Box

Nothing is impossible – 9 scorching red roses with delicate white hypericum berries and greenery, arranged in a creamy box. The arrangement is for a burning heart, sent with a lot of love. The flowers.....

BGN 72.00
Pink Harmony Box Pink Harmony Box

Pink Harmony Box

Our arrangement in a box in several shades of pink emanates pure and rejuvenating energy. The pastel tones of the pink roses and alstromeria are gently completed by white hypericum berries, which fill.....

BGN 58.00
Romance Box Romance Box

Romance Box

A stunning combination of the queen of roses, delicate eustoma, veronica and a mini carnation in a box. A unique way to present a gift :). More original than any bouquet, more passionate than every wo.....

BGN 65.00
Picasso Box with Roses Picasso Box with Roses

Picasso Box with Roses

The exquisite Picasso box, filled with 11 irresistible roses, fine skimia and delicate phalaenopsis. One unique masterpiece, arranged by our florists. Present unforgettable memories. .....

BGN 130.00
 Serenade Box  Serenade Box

Serenade Box

The serenade is closely associated with love since initially it fell under the ballads which men performed under the windows of their beloved. Our arrangement of specially selected 15 white roses in a.....

BGN 120.00
Love Eternal Roses Box 	Love Eternal Roses Box

Love Eternal Roses Box

This heart-shaped arrangement of 13 evergreen roses is offered in a luxurious box and is a unique present for your beloved. It speaks for itself with its love and delicacy. Exceptionally durable, they.....

BGN 150.00
Feeling Box Feeling Box

Feeling Box

We offer you our arrangement Feeling. A sensual box, filled with irresistible yellow roses, beautiful eustomas with mixed colours, balls of green carnation and a delicate mix of greenery. The most bea.....

BGN 50.00
Tenderness Box Tenderness Box

Tenderness Box

Tender colourful roses and eustoma arranged in a heart-shaped box. Splendid greens and small hypericum berries. The arrangement is made on floral foam in order to last longer and to be moved around ea.....

BGN 40.00
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