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Jack Daniels Whiskey 700 ml

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Distilled by unique technology – every drop of whiskey goes through a three-meter layer of sweet maple coal before it matures. This gives it a soft taste and makes it a Tennessee whiskey. Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey is another special product of the Jack Daniels distillation factory. Keeping with tradition, every drop of this whiskey is filtrated through maple wood coal, just like the making of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. However, Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey is the only whiskey in the world which is refined twice in this way: first – before it’s put in new oak barrels, second – after maturation. Jack Daniels’ Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey is a whiskey which only the Master Distiller had the privilege of tasting in the past. Every bottle is chosen from a different barrel and, fortunately for the connoisseurs, the difference in taste is barely noticeable to everyone else.

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