How are soap roses made?

Imagination, grace and a lot of beauty. We at Elegant Flowers are ready to show you a world where you no longer have to conform to stereotypes. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect flowers. Flowers that will never fade and enchant the senses with their unique fragrance.

Yes, those are the soap roses. If you, like us, are connoisseurs of unique things, this article is just for you! In it, we will help you create a gift for any occasion or home decoration yourself.

There are many methods of making soap roses. The models that you can find in our online store are made using professional techniques and the best quality materials. But that doesn't mean you can't awaken the creator in you.

For this you need a mold (silicone mold for modeling). Whether it will be in the shape of a rose or another flower is entirely up to you. But keep in mind that soap roses look the best and can offer you a wider variety of molds.

Once you have chosen this, you need a base for soaps, colors and fragrances. They can be easily found in any art store.

Be careful when buying the materials! Ask the store consultants if you are not sure what exactly you need to make soap roses.

Please note that handmade soap roses cannot come close in quality to the professional ones you will find in our online store.

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