Доставка на Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey 700 ml

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey 700 ml

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Deluxe blended scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the latest and best blend in the collection of Johnny Walker. A vast wealth of aromas with a prevalent scent of peat, heavily smoked and subtle herb taste which turns into the intense aroma of oak, dark chocolate and homemade sweets. Cardhu, Benrinnes and the combination of the other whiskeys from the valley of the river Spade lend a rich aroma of sherry and oak. The Royal Lochnager Whiskey from the alpine distillery of the same name gives a rich flavour of sweetness with a hint of freshness. The matured wheat whiskeys add the characteristic oak and vanilla flavour while Caol Ila adds a spicy and smoked taste.

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